In construction and stone industries, the technique of our diamond blades and diamond segments is very mature, by this advantage, constant effort and test, we have studied out the best diamond segments for core drills for stone and concrete, this segment is applicable for various complicated working condition, we are glad that the customers highly praised its performance.

1.The introduction of diamond segments for core drills bit

Diamond segments on small diameter drill bits with crown of 22mm-52mm provide smooth drilling and avoid segments loosing. Since this kind of diamond segment is a whole rather than single piece, it is more easy and safe in welding than separated segments for diamond core drills.  Some people also call it Crown diamond segments for core drill.

Welding Type: Silver Welding.

The size of diamond core drill segments as below:
Name Diameter Segment Width/mm Segment Height/mm
Crown Shape 7/8"(22) 2.5 10
1"(25) 2.5 10
1.18"(30) 2.5 10
1-1/4"(32) 2.5 10
1-3/8"(35) 2.5 10
1-1/2"(38) 3.0 10
1.63"(42) 3.0 10
1-3/4"(45) 3.0 10
1.88"(48) 3.0 10
2"(52) 3.0 10
Customized specification is available.

2. The application of crown diamond segments for core drill bits

Diamond crown segments for core drill bits are used in stone and construction industries mostly.

Most of diamond core drill segments are used with water, the working life is longer than dry drilling one (If the working condition has no water available, we suggest you use laser welded core drill bit). We have different formula of crown drill segments that is suitable for drilling stone, concrete, brick etc. If you need crown diamond segment, please let us know the drilling object.

3.The Advantage of Crown diamond segment for core drill

* Diamond core bits offer high performance drilling in concrete and stone
* High quality diamonds for very fast drilling and long life
* Easy handle, Easy welding
* Totally flat face
* Not even tiny jumping when drilling
* Drilling depth 18"

crown diamond segments for core drills

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