Crack chaser diamond blades are angle grinder blades with V-segments for chasing, repairing and widening cracks in concrete, brick, block, stone, and asphalt for foundation repair, driveway repair, concrete repair, and general crack repair. Crack chaser blades would not damage the surfaces that you're repairing, either, because they won't chip or crack material. crack chaser diamond blades are just what you need for repairing foundations, roads, and sidewalks.

ChinShine Crack Chaser Blades with feature of good cutting speed and exceptional blade life. They could be used under Wet and dry on angle grinders, circular saws and tuck pointers.


Diameter(inch) Segment Thickness(inch) Segmen Height(mm) Arbor Hole(mm)
4 0.250/0.375 7/10/12 20/22.23
4.5 0.250/0.375 7/10/12 22.23
5 0.250/0.375 7/10/12 22.23
6 0.250/0.375 7/10/12 22.23
7 0.250/0.375 7/10/12 22.23
8 0.250/0.375 7/10/12 22.23
9 0.250/0.375 7/10/12 22.23
10 0.250/0.375 7/10/12 22.23

crack chaser blades

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Crack Chaser Diamond Blades for Chasing, Repairing and Widening

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