ChinShine diamond segment for core bit is made of quality diamond crystal, Cobalt Powder and metal powders, develop new and sepcial formula to make fast drilling segments. It is designed for  reinforeced concrete, especially for hard aggregate armoured concrete which contain heavy steel bars. ChinShine makes specially formulated segments contain high concentrations of quality diamonds combined with a special blend of metal powders to deliver maximum performance with lowest drilling costs.

The Advantages of ChinShine diamond core bit segment:

1. Thinner diamond segment for core bit can easily reduce the resistance and increase the drilling speed , which compare with the assembly type and regular core bit segments.
2. ChinShine designs different shapes of diamond segment for drilling different materials, whicfh can provide 20% higher cutting performance, particularly in difficult operating conditions.
3. Very fast drilling speed and low cutting pressure.
4. Especailly effective in drilling through reinfored concrete.

diamond segment for core bits

The tips of diamond core bit segment during work

1. To avoid copper solder by high Melting Point, silver welding method is recommended ,
2.  Use water when drilling, high temperature lower the performace and the segments may drop.
3.  Power drilling machine is recommended.
4.  Lower speed if drilling thick and high strengh cast iron.
diamond core drill bits

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f.  Why are the ChinShine prices higher than those from Jiangsu and Hubei companies?

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