ChinShine repalceable 3 parts diamond core drill bits can be used for drilling concrete, reinforced concrete, granite, marble, bricks ,sandstone ,limestone ,ceramic,etc. It is a new design product, we separate the drill bits into 3 parts, this make it easier to change the drill bits segments( used for laser welding drill bits), adopt your drill bits to different drilling machine and enhance the drilling depth.


Chinshine specially formulated drill bits segments contain high concentrations of quality diamonds combined with a special blend of metal powders to deliver maximum performance with lowest drilling costs. And this provide a incredable drilling speed and a very long lifespan for the 3 parts diamond core drill bits.


ChinShine are developing new and special formula to make high sharpness & Long life for customer!

Diameter:  6mm-500mm

Drilling Depth120,160,370,450mm

M14, 1/2"GAS, 1-1/4"-UNC7, 5/8''-11

Welding Method: Laser welding, High-frequency welding
replaceable 3 parts diamond core drill bits


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