Arix diamond core drill bit is known for its sharpness. You can use Arix diamond core drill bits for drilling anything from tough steel, concrete, and bricks to relatively soft materials, such as fresh concrete, asphalt and many more materials. Arix diamond core drill bits are very popular in Europe and Australia, it is an easy way to get started with your drilling works.

We can make the core barrel with cooling holes for dry drilling, the arix diamond segments are laser welding. They are available in many sizes and shapes for almost any purpose and any places according to the need of the situation with our without water.

If you use arix concrete diamond core drill bits, they just make through or blind end holes for you. It did not matter if there was concrete, stones, rebar or whatever. The drill bits are recommended for professional everyday use, but they may be too expensive for home workshop or DIY user. If you need to drill few holes and don’t know if you’ll drill sometime in the future, choose other cheaper diamond core drill bits.

We will recommend the diamond segment shapes according customers'need. Buy the best arix diamond core drill bits for concrete from China professional supplier, you can expect more than your needs.
arix diamond core drill bit

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