The most important advantages of drilling with concrete core drill bit are the vibration free drilling into concrete and the clean and fast drilling of concrete slabs in particular into very hard materials.

ChinShine concrete core drill bit is engineered for exceptional footage,  fast and aggressive drilling characteristics. We adopt the industrial grade diamond powder and Cobalt powder to produce our concrete core drill bits,  our concrete core drill bits have a stable drilling performance and superior lifespan. High diamond content yields excellent life and drilling efficiency through heavily reinforced concrete, marble, granite, refractory brick and other hard materials. We use the grade A quality steel tube to ensure the drill bits run precisely.

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You will find a big assortment for a wide range of applications from concrete core drill bit.
Our product program is especially tailored to the needs of: workers (building construction, civil engineering and road construction), gardening and landscaping companies, tilers, screed layers, electricians,  carpenters, window fitters, sanitary and heating companies, plasterers, dry wall constructors and many other trades in the primary and secondary construction business.
Please contact us if you can´t find the right diamond concrete core drill bits or core bit segments. Welcome to buy concrete core drill bit from China professional supplier!
china concrete core drill bits

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