Large diameter diamond core drill bits are not common. This means that it can only be produced with top quality by professional company like ChinShine. A hole may take eight hours to complete, and not everyone can do it, ChinShine can.

Large big diameter hole saw can be used for many types of work. Airport asked to cut 4 holes with a diameter of 48 inch. These holes are required to install taxiway lights and require extremely high precision. It takes long time to drill through 48 inch of concrete, and some holes take more than 6 hours. Must be careful to avoid drainage inlets and underground utilities. In general, great attention must be paid to details to create a horizontal, flush hole. The installation of the lights must be completely flush with the existing apron, and there is almost no room for error. That is why making large big diameter diamond core drill bit for reinforced concrete require high technology.

ChinShine makes big large diamond core drill bits are suitable for many different works, some are large and some are small holes. However, not every concrete cutting hole saw can drill large diameter holes. It requires specialized drilling equipment. Also, it requires the right team of workers. Diamond core drill bits used to cut holes up to 60 inch in diameter are not easy to use. These holes are not easy to cut. Controlling such a large diamond core drill bit requires a stable and powerful drill machine. Depending on the depth of the hole, it may take up to 8 hours to cut a hole. ChinShine is the right choice for making all kinds of big large diamond core drill bits.

Buy big diameter deep cutting depth diamond core drill bit hole saw from ChinShine, contact us now to get more details!

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