China high quality 10 inch diamond grinding plate for concrete floor

Chinshine 10" diamond grinding plate for concrete floor , designed for concrete, epoxy, mastics, thinsers, water-proofing coatings and more.The arrow segments and the 20/25# diamond grit achieve a more aggressive grinding and faster stock removal.


As a professional floor diamond grinding plate supplier, ChinShine has rich experience in making various floor diamond grinding tools for the removal and grinding of the coatings on surfaces of concrete,terrazzo or natural stone. They are made for the thickest and thinnest coatings such as varnish, acrylic, epoxy, paint, lacquer, glue, adhesive and screed residue. There are several types of diamond grinding plate that we can supply, customer design is acceptable.We use the highest level of diamond grits to produce the diamond segments to all diamond grinding plate.

Arbor Size: 4 X 3/8" Threaded Bolt Holes


           Bond: soft, medium,hard


Applied equipments:

  • Edco - MAGNA-TRAP 10" Turbo Grinder
  • MK - SDG-3, SDG-11, SDG-101, SDG103, DDG-5, DDG-11
  • Husqvarna - Dual Trac RG 2112
  • Blastrac - BG-250, BG-250MKII, BGP-250, BGS-250-115, BGS-250-115-V2
China high quality 10 inch diamond grinding plate

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