ChinShine CNC Diamond Profiling Wheel: 

CNC diamond profiling wheel is equipped on CNC machine, which is good at irregular shape stone processing, such as quartz, granite, marble, etc.

The precise profiling, high efficiency make it widely used in the edge processing of vanity top and countertop .


Our advantage of CNC diamond profiling grinding wheel: 

1. Professional Manufacturer of stone diamond tools and stone machinery since 2001.

2. Premium quality with factory competitive price directly.

3. Long lifespan, good sharpness, stable performance and high grinding efficiency.

4. Custom-design is available upon request. Small trila order is avaialbe any time.

Our CNC diamond grinding profile toolings for stone processing are manufactured by the best diamond coating techniques, each of which matches precisely one specific process step.
Applying the state-of-the-art of sintering, vacuum-brazing, electroplating and polishing tool techniques, we offer a set of CNC diamond profiling grinding tools where every single position represents the best available answer to the required function, working excellently on marble, granite and engineered stone

Furthermore, the geometry of each profile grinding wheel considers the necessary increment, in order to allow the operator to set up and to use the CNC diamond tools without modifying the offset of the wheels.
China best CNC diamond profile grinding wheel from ChinShine

What will you love in our stone CNC diamond tooling?

1. The tools don’t lose their shape during the entire life cycle and don’t need redressing
2. Easy set up
3. You can use the same set on different materials

ChinShine Diamond CNC Profiling Wheel, Grinding Wheel for Granite Quartz and Marble, all grits and bonds are available, factory price for sale!


Diameter(mm) Steps Grit Bond   RPM/min Feeding speed(mm/min) Stone thickness(mm) Inner Hole(mm)
55, 80, 100, 140, 150 No.0 30/40# metal rough grinding   4500 500-600 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 35
No.1 30/40# metal
No.2 70/80# metal 4500-4600 1000-1400
No.3 140/170# metal fine grinding    
No.4 230/270# metal 1200-1500


No.5 400# resin
No.6 800# resin
No.7 1500# resin
No.8 3000# resin

CNC diamond profiling grinding wheel

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