For diamond wire saw for granite marble quarry, ChinShine has 10 years experience of research & development and production. With subtilized improve to each working procedure and strict control,we complete a perfect automation production line.Make sure ChinShine diamond wire saw rope with high safe,high cutting efficiency and strong stability. Now, ChinShine diamond wire saw for granite quarry is become one of the best quality in China.

Rubber diamond wire saw rope for granite and marble quarrying reduces the waste of quarry resource,no dust, high output and working efficiency.
Rubber diamond wire saw rope can protect the wire and increase the wire's strength.
The rubber and steel wire sticking together makes good bonding, it can be more strikes during the work.The rubber has good temperature resistance,and it can be used when water is not enough. Strong flexibility can reduce the cut-in-one-side problem,and even can be used for smaller curvature radius.Normally diamond wire saw machines with 37-75kw are used in marble granite quarrying, according to the size of cutting area,water supply can be controlled with 25-50L/min.

Product Name:

Best Diamond wire saw rope for granite marble quarrying 


10.0mm, 11.0mm, 11.5mm






Granite quarrying ,Granite raw block squaring, Marble Quarrying


ISO9001& Alibaba Gold Supplier, China Stone Association 


20 meters

Payment term:



Plastic bag + paper bag + wooden box, or can be design according customers' requirements.


Normally within 10 working days, large order depended.

Main market:

Brazil, India, Iran, European, America, Canada, Middle-East, etc.

diamond wire saw rope for granite marble quarry

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