Vacuum brazed diamond wire saw for marble stone quarry cutting

Chinshine vacuum brazed diamond wire saw is one of the most advanced cutting tools that can be used for cutting stone blocks and concrete. Compared with traditional cutting method, cutting with our vacuum brazed diamond wire saw has the advantage of high efficiency,less waste of material,safety and low noice. It is a cost-effective and environmental choice. By the high-speed drive from oil hydraulic motor, the diamond wire saw with certain amount diamond beads on it surround cut the object. Under certain tension, the wire saw grind and cut the objects, and the chipping and heat is took away with cooling water, the concrete and stone block are separated into several parts in this way finally.

1. For Stone Quarry,Block Squaring&Chamfering,Profiling Cutting

                    2. For Cutting Reinforce Concrete
Beads Dia:  
7.2mm, 8.0mm, 8.5mm,9.0mm,11.0mm,11.5mm

Sintered,Electroplated,Vaccum Brazed

Coating fix injection: Plastic,Rubber,Spring,Rubber+Spring,Plastic+Spring

Beads/Meter:  40/37/33/28/26pcs
vacuum brazed diamond wire saw for marble,granite and concrete

l. Checking the saw regularly and adjust timely.

2.Checking the pearl abrade regularly,Avoid the eccentric wear
3. Checking the joint regularly and adjust timely.
4. The tension of ropes is 250-300kg(Φ4-5mm ropes)
5.  Water supply is around 15-25L/min

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