General purpose diamond saw blades from ChinShine are designed for cutting metal, steel, stainless steel pipe, tubing, cast iron, concrete, asphalt, stone, brick, fiberglass and other high density and abrasive materials. ChinShine adopts its CSV technology which  ensure 60% expose of diamond grit and no drop during working. Vacuum brazed diamond segment and laser welded designed for most building materials under emergency.

general purpose diamond saw blade

Why choose vacuum brazed diamond saw blade for general purpose cutting?

Vacuum brazed segment with highest quality diamond to keep the aggressive cutting.
Laser welded type to keep the core hardness and tension to avoid wobble problem when cutting.
Small holes and slots design near segment help smoothly cutting and saw blade air-cooling.

    Last 100 times longer than ordinary resin bonded wheels
    Reduce sparks, dust and material waste
    Save time changing discs

general purpose diamond blade

Tips for general purpose diamond saw blade when cutting

* Wear proper safety gear.
* Read the manual and make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation on specification of material to be cut and suitability   for dry or wet cutting applications
* Before starting the cutting job, double check the diamond saw blades to see if there are any damages incurred during   shipping or due to previous use.
* During start-up or operation, do not stand in direct line with dry diamond or abrasive blades.
* During operation, maintain a firm grip on hand-held saws.

* Ensure that the machine is not dropped on the cutting disc.
* Be careful to avoid burns from the overheated segments or hot engine parts.

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