ChinShine granite cutting blade outstandingly features the super high abrasive resistance and excellent sharpness. Our engineers study the diamond crystal, formula and technology to make its abrasive resistance and sharpness to reach the ideal balance with smooth edge cutting effect. ChinShine granite cutting blade can cut the granite materials with the thickness of 2cm and the cutting area is above 250m², which is more than the average of other abrasive resistance products from other granite cutting blade suppliers. Our granite cutting blade could be used as mining blade and wet cutting blade by quarry saw.
ChinShine granite cutting blades are designed for cutting granite with different hardness, the colors from white, grey , red, yellow, black, etc. The diamond segment with excellent sharpness, the high strength metal matrix and bonding technology have altogether integrated the super high cutting efficiency of the stone cutting tool. In addition, the granite saw blade can start cutting and move in a faster speed, which is of not only high efficiency but also low consumption of electricity in the cutting operation.
ChinShine offers granite cutting blade with the diameter of 300mm to 900mm and the arbor of 25.4mm, 50mm, 60mm and 100mm, and granite silent blade can be customized according to your requirements. OEM service is also available.

Welding technique: sintered, high frequency welded, laser welded
Blank of saw blade: silent , non-silent
Item No. Outer Diameter Arbor Segment Size Segment No. Object Note
(mm) (mm) LxWxH (mm) (pcs)
QXDB300-12 300 50/60 40x3.0x10/12/15/20 21 granite, marble, basalt, sandstone,
concrete, asphalt
Please inform us the cutting object, circular blade diameter&height of segment, silent blade or normal blade, high frequency welded or laser welded, thanks.
QXDB350-14 350 50/60 40x3.2x10/12/15/20 24
QXDB400-16 400 50/60 40x3.4x10/12/15/20 28
QXDB450-18 450 50/60 40x3.8x10/12/15/20 32
QXDB500-20 500 50/60 40x4.2x10/12/15/20 36
QXDB600-24 600 50/60 40x4.6x10/12/15/20 42
QXDB800-32 800 50/60 40x6.0x10/12/15/20 46
QXDB1000-40 1000 50/60/80/100 24x7.0/6.0x13 70
50/60/80/100 24x7.6/6.5x13 80

* Size ranges from 105mm to 3500mm, other specifications are available upon request.

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