Turbo diamond saw blades with protect teeth and flange for Granite dry cutting

1. The  introduction of turbo diamond saw blade with protective teeth

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Diameter: 9nch/230mm

Segment Height: 7mm,10 mm

Arbor size: 25.4mm ,50mm

Segment Quantity: Turbo Continuous

Weld: Sintered

Packing: hard paper case and wooden box

Diamond saw blade with protect teeth designed with deep segments, it provides undercut protection to operator. Special vented core can keep the saw blade cool down during cutting, it also helps remove slurry and dust to conduct the friction-free cutting.

NOTE: Turbo diamond blades without flange are available in various sizes, such as 4inch, 5inch, 6inch, 8inch, customized service is available. 


2. The application of diamond saw blades with progect teeth and flange

This diamond saw blade is specifically designed for granite with dry cutting mostly. If people need the diamond blade without flange, the arbor size can be produced according to customer's requirement. This blade can be also used for cutting marble, limestone, sandstone, bricks, cement tiles, concrete and other masonry materials.


3. Tips for using granite diamond blades

Make a steady cut, don't apply pressure and force to your diamond blade during cutting.

Ensure that the diamond blades do not get too hot.

Don't adjust machine when it is running.

If the blades become blunt,cut brick or sandstone or abrasive wheel to re-sharpen.

Ensure that the machine is not dropped on the blade.

Be careful to avoid burns from the overheated segments or hot engine parts.

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diamond saw blade with flange

Turbo Diamond Saw Blades with Flange for Cutting Granite

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