Diamond segments used on multi diamond saw blades, which defined as granite multi blade cutting segments. The diamond saw blades could be in different diameters, diameter from 450mm to 2400mm. There is another kind of multi diamond saw blades, which diameters are same or two sizes, such as 1200mm, 1300mm or 1600mm. Granite multi diamond segments for multi blades are mostly iron based metal bond with aggressive diamond inside for good sharpness purpose, cobalt plays an important role in the metal powder.

To make the sharpness diamond segments and keep stable quality, cobalt must be used for the segments, but cobalt is more and more expensive nowdays. In order to reduce the raw materials cost and win the orders from clients, most Chinese manufacturers remove cobalt from the diamond segments, so the quality become not stable, althought the price is quite competitive.

Most granite diamond segments are in square segments without steps on both sides and some customers accept trapezoid segments for faster diamond exposure purpose.

ChinShine is making high quality diamond segments for granite multi diamond saw blades with good sharpness and long working life for different markets, most of them com from Central Asia, such as UzbekistanKazakhstan and Tajikistan, some customers come from Middle East countries, Russia, etc. More cutting granite with multi SAW blade block segments in above mentioned markets.
Diamond segment for granite multi saw blades
Sharpness is the key feature for multi diamond segments and we are improving our diamond segments with longer life as much as possible. Hardness, sizes and weights of diamond segments should be checked before sintering and after sintering, so to make sure that segments in every process is qualified.

Technology and quality control is the key in diamond segments production, without enough cutting experience, you can't get right formula for different application and this is based on rich experiences testing at different granite , different machines and different area. And importantly you need good control over quality in every process of production, from raw materials inspection to finished products inspection, every single process in important to make a high quality multi diamond segments.
multi diamond saw blades

For raw materials storage(metal powder) and when it is transferred from one production process to the next process, the temperature and the humidity plays an important role in China. If you don’t introduce the air conditions and the humidity air system in your production, you may find diamond segments in certain months are with more stable quality and supposed to have better cutting performance. Here in China, domestic sales mostly feedback that they have the best quality diamond segments in September to November in our city. It is quite strange and no one data shows exactly why this happened but with strict control on temperature and humidity, the quality tends to be more stable and it helps keep raw materials fresh and not get defected in quality.

ChinShine is one of the most professional China manufacturers and suppliers focusing on various diamond segments. If you're looking for granite diamond segments for multi saw blade block saw, please feel free to contact with us. Good performance, competitive price and excellent service can be assured.

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