High Quality 40inch 1000mm Diamond Saw Blade for Marble and Granite Cutting for Pakistan Market

High frequency welding(silver welding) is adopted for our diamond saw blade, it is to avoid the diamond segment drops during cutting process which is harmful to the operators.

By selling high quality stone cutting diamond saw blade to many countries in the world, we have obtained many formulas to produce stone saw blade in various sizes. By using our  diamond saw blade, you can reach the following cutting effects.

1) Reasonable prices but high quality blades which has gone through thousands times market testing
2) Fast and smooth cutting
3) Long lifespan and stable performance
4) With narrow gap and less chipping
5) Accurate cutting result

We can also increase the life and sharpness of the cutting blade according to customers' feedback, but we also would like to enhance the safety degree for your operators, which is very important during production process.

1000mm 40inch diamond saw blade for marble

How to buy 1000mm or 40 inch diamond saw blade for cutting marble from the manufacturers?
Different size can be supplied according to customers' requirements. When placing an order of stone saw blades, please inform us the following information:

1) Diameter (by Inch or mm)
2) Arbor Size (by Inch or mm)
3) Segment Size (Length x Width x Height )
4) Cutting Object: Sandstone, granite or marble
5) Machine Power/RPM (If possible)

If you can provide more accurate information to us, we are able to recommend more proper saw blades that suits you the best accordingly.

Why buy diamond marble cutting disc from ChinShine?

1)  ChinShine 1000mm or 40 inch diamond saw blade have been under Pakistan market tested.

2)  Compared with most suppliers, we could ensure that our cutting efficiency is increased  at  least  by 20%

3)  Within 24 hours quick response.

4)  Professional technical supports and solutions.

5) Direct communication with engineers.

6)  Best after-sale service. 

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