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Diamond Blades for Chip-Free Ceramic Tile Cutting and Porcelain Cutting
Diamond Blades for Ceramic Tile Cutting and Porcelain Cutting need to be provided by a professional diamond saw blade manufacturer, not a diamond saw blade distributor. We are a ceramic and Porcelain blade manufacturer, not a ceramic blade distributor, so stop by our blade-making facility in China ChinShine company and see the difference! You can visit the website: www.csdiamondtools.com ,or come to visit our factory in Quanzhou,China

ceramic blade, diamond blade for porcelain
ChinShine can make quality ceramic blades and porcelain blades in various shapes and sizes.
Recent developments have made it possible to produce extremely sharp solid ceramic circular blades from. Although not recommended for high-shock applications, the Rc 75 hardness and low friction coefficient make zirconia ceramic particularly effective in film slitting operations, where blade life can be more than times that of regular ceramic diamond blade. Our ceramic and porcelain cutting blades are also widely used in manufacturing capacitors in the electronics industry and pill cutting in the pharmaceutical industry.
ChinShine stands ready to assist you in achieving the optimum design that will allow you to get maximum performance from the porcelain blade and ceramic blades.
Ceramic tile is typically on the higher range of the hardness scale although there are some differences between each type based on clay mixture, manufacturing processes and firing temperature. A common concern when cutting tile is chipping, because of the cosmetic applications for tile. For this reason, diamond blades with continuous rims, closely spaced segments or turbo segments are often a popular choice for ceramic tile cutting and porcelain Chip-Free cutting.

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