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ChinShine diamond tools company is looking forward to buy diamond tools raw and processed materials, like man-made diamond powder, copper powder, nickel powder, gangsaw blank blade etc.

Dear Sir/Madam,

First of all I want to introduce you our company – ChinShine, it is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of diamond tools for stone and concrete industry in China.
In order to expand the sales region, enhance the competitive force and reduce production cost, we had took over and invested 2 factories to produce the products of different quality grade from year 2006. On the basis of quality grade and sales region, different departments are setted up to serve the world-wide customers more professionally.
Every month, more than 10,000 visitors browse our web sites www.csdiamondtools.com and www.diamond-blade.org where they can find various diamond tools, including diamond saw blade, diamond segment, diamond cup wheel, diamond grinding wheel, diamond wire, diamond polishing pads, diamond grinding wheel, diamond fickert, diamond frankfurt , concrete cutting tools and stone cutting tools, even primary technical and technological information about diamond tools, and receive on-line answer on the request.
With the increase of business and the expand of factory, we need to purchase all sorts of raw materials universally.
Now, we are looking for buying diamond grits, cobalt powder, copper powder and gangsaw blade without segments.

We are seriously interested in high-quality raw materials for producing diamond tools and now
we are choosing which company to deal with. We are ready to organize the negotiation with the leaders of our companies in Quanzhou, China or in your location. At present, our diamond grits, metal powder and other raw materials are from Chinese suppliers, but we are keen to order quality diamond raw materials for our products.
We have been investing a lot of money in advertisement, to place articles in thematic magazines and thematic sites on the Internet, in exhibition activity, therefore, our annual production reaches 200 million. In this connection we are in search of the supplier with which we will cooperate. Our clients purchase tools and machines in our company only if our price will be attracting for them. (it means our price is lower than at our competitors or if quality higher). In conclusion with all information, we kindly ask you to confirm cooperation and send us price-list with our discount.


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Thank you for your interest in the above content, please leave us inquiry, you can expect a response within 24 hours.
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