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Various Grinding&Abrasive tools are basis for the abrasives industry, but the machining has always occupied a very important position. There are three significant improvements and breakthroughs for the abrasive tools.

First, the physical structure of abrasive tools have been improved, such as increase assemble the number of workpiece, the grinding average length of growth, increase grinding contact surface, these have improved the tools in grinding machine, in addition to the amount per unit time, increasing the working efficiency;

Second, adopt the superhard abrasive tools, primarily refers to the metal powder, diamonds, metal oxide or CBN and other superhard materials as a filler, resin, ceramic or metal binding agent made ​​of abrasive tools, like diamond fickert/diamond brick, diamond grinding cup wheels, diamond Frankfurt, resin bonded fickert/resin bonded brick, diamond grinding wheels, diamond grinding plate, CBN grinding disc, polishing pads and other abrasive tools. At present, the abrasive tools made by superhard materials bring high-efficiency grinding have been widely recognized;

Third, new technique has been applied for abrasive tools, such as ceramic microcrystalline (CA) abrasive tools made by micron-scale polycrystalline; fine diamond grit abrasive tools; polyester film with ultra-fine polishing rolls and so on. These new techniques let the advantage of grinding/polishing shows vividly.

Throughout the development of grinding and abrasive tools, people will be stricter in grinding and polishing, diamond superhard tools can meet the needs, like diamond fickert/diamond brick and diamond frankfurt with characteristic of good thermal stability, high hardness, durable,  high efficiency, suitable for grinding granite, marble, concrete and so on.

To meet various surface polishing and grinding demand, metal bonded grinding wheels, diamond polishing pads, diamond grinding wheels, grinding disc wheels are expanded the range of applications to become the mainstream grinding tools.

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