Diamond saw blades are designed to cut various hard materials, when your cutting with diamond saw blades, to ensure achieve the best use out of your blade and for safety reasons, there are several things you should pay attention to them.

We have listed a few of the most common mistakes, so you can avoid making similar mistakes in using diamond saw blade.

Some operators are worry about making a series of mistakes when using diamond saw blades. People want to avoid making these mistakes when using diamond saw blades as it can be quite hazardous to your safety.

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Dont throw away the packaging of diamond saw blades

When buying diamond saw blades, it is important that you pay more attention to the packaging and instructions that come with the blade.

We suggest not throw the packings away, you can refer to instructions from the diamond saw blade manufacturers in the future. The diamond saw blade manufacturer may list some important recommendations that you need to follow when using the blade.

It is good practice to inspect the diamond saw blade before install it on the diamond saw. The shipment in delivery could not be control, you have to check the diamond saw blades when you recieve it first time. The diamond saw blade may also has been inadvertently damaged from the last time you used it.

You should also inspect diamond saw blade when use it. They can easily experience damage during operation.

It is common for one of diamond segments to become damaged, cracked or draw off to develop. You can't use diamond saw blades that are fractured or have suffered damage to the diamond segments.

Diamond Saw Blades Size

Make sure that the maximum diameter blade of saw is designed to carry. You don’t want to use diamond saw blades that exceed the size that  the diamond saw is capable of using safely.

Many operators install a diamond saw blade on the saw incorrectly. Doing this results in the saw blade rotating in the wrong direction. It will significantly reduce its cutting efficiency. There should be an arrow indicating which way to mount the diamond saw blades to ensure it rotates in the correct direction to increase cutting efficiency and get maximum life.

The Tips of Using Diamond Saw

People should have a look over the diamond saw before installing diamond saw blades. Two of the most common areas that fail on the diamond saws themselves are the arbor shaft and the flanges. To ensure that the flanges are mounted correctly before start to use the diamond saw blades.

Use a spanner to tighten the blade shaft nut securely before using diamond saw blades.

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