1) This circular cutting blade is for general purpose.
2) The main cutting materials for this cutting blade are: cured concrete, bricks ,blocks,roof tiles, most of this information is on the rear of the packaging.
3) This is not a laser welded blade, the diamond segments welded with brazing method.


The wholesale and retails how to make comments on making new diamond circular blades to instead of  Husqvarna CM15 12" Diamond Circular Blades:

I have been looking at the market for diamond circular blades and this type of blade is sold to building contractors by building material retailers in high volume but the down side of this is that very large diamond blade manufacturers are selling these blades at very low cost in order to sell these blades in very high volume.
The cost of the laser welded blades is higher but at this time I am not sure of the quantities being sold.
My aim is to start will the blade I have sent to you, just to give you the idea of quantities one retailer has 600 branches if they sell just 3 pieces of diamond circular blades a week we are looking at sales of 93,600 blades a year from just this one retailer alone.
The second important market for the diamond circular blades is when machine hire shops rent out the machines along with the blades for hire as yet I am not sure what type of blade they are hiring out some have said they hire the general purpose blade I will only get a better idea when I speak to the buyers for these shops initially I will only be offering the general purpose diamond blade until I get a better Idea what they require again this is a massive market.
I don’t know what your manufacturing capacity for this type of blade is and so whether your company is able to supply such quantities if I am able to get the orders you will appreciate it is not easy to introduce a new product especially if the product you are introducing is manufactured in China as opposed to one manufactured in Europe the only way I will be able to do this is to have the same or slightly higher quality product at a low price.
Can you please confirm whether your company is able to produce this blade using the hot pressed sintering method.
Bearing in mind the large quantities which will be required after the say a sample order quantity of 200 blades can please quote in USD the supply cost of blades the same or higher quality as sample.
As I will only require a sample quantity of 200 blades initially please note I am willing to pay for the additional origination cost of the packaging for the sample quantity.
So just to recap the main quote I require is for large quantities.

Husqvarna CM15 diamond blade

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