ChinShine Diamond Tools has added a new router bit series for manufacturers who want to speed up the profiling process, the ChinShine vacuum brazed diamond router bit.

The grinding time of these new vacuum brazed diamond router bits is almost half that of sintered bonded router bits. Since these router bits never loose their shape, it can be used to correct the contours formed by worn sintered bonded router bits.

It includes two positions in the most popular profile: full bull nose and half bull nose for 3 cm material. The vacuum brazed router bit is equipped with a rotary contactor, which sets the cutting depth by riding along the edge of the stone to eliminate any guesswork.

Vacuum brazing technology is specially designed to extend the service life and is suitable for all hardness granite, marble and all brands of artificial stone and quartz surfaces. These bits are versatile and perform well when used with water, and are suitable for all brand routers with speeds from 5,000 to 11,000 RPM.

For all other shapes of vacuum brazed diamond router bit, please send us inquiry for get them.

ChinShine vacuum brazed diamond router bits are consistent in performance and easy to use, which makes them the best bits on the market!
Vacuum brazed router bit

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