Factory price rubber backing pads from professional China supplier

ChinShine rubber backing pads are made of high quality durable rubber has a long lasting lifespan.The flexible backers have a high density rubber construction for a perfect balance between flexibility and durability.Our rubber backer pads are availble with hook and loop fastener or plain back for use with PSA backed sandpaper. Backers connect with either a M14, 5/8"-11 thread or snail lock attachment.

We provide hard rubber backing pads, medium hard backing pads and soft backing pads. These backing pads are usually for diamond polishing pads for the stone.


1.  Easy accach backing securely holds diamond polishing pads in place
2.  Easy attach backing allows for fast and easy diamond pad replacement
3.  Made from high quality rubber with premium grade hook and loop easy attachment for maximum adhesion and life. All our backers feature a center hole to accommodate wet polishing systems.
M14 thread and 5/8''-11 thread to suit popular polishers/ grinders.
4. All our backers are high quality; the easy attachment won’t de-laminate when wet, like most cheap backers on the market.
5.  For Rubber backer pad, now available in Hard, Medium and Soft rubber.

Hard - degree of flexibility - none, best suited for flat surfaces 

Medium - degree of flexibility - 10mm, best suited for edges and bull nosing 

Soft- degree of flexibility - 20mm, best suited for internal radiuses and complex shapes.

Welcome to buy rubber backer pad for polishing pads from Chinese professional supplier!

rubber backer pads

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