Wet Polishing Pads Introduction:

Wet polishing pads are designed to achieve a stone tile finish on fine glossy surfaces. The design of the wet polishing pads allows for fast and even removal rates with minimal effort. When used correctly, these polishing pads provide a clear advantage over all other polishing methods.

Polishing Stone Tile Steps:
    1. Cut or shape stone to the desired surface or pattern by using either a diamond saw blade or diamond cup wheel first.
    2. Fix stone tile to be polished to a proper work surface, feed water during polishing.The use of water acts to cool the polishing pad material, flush away grindings, and eliminate hazardous dust.
    3. Polishing is a process which takes time and requires that each grit pad must be used properly to achieve a quality finish, people can also take off some grits pad if don't like very glossy quality finish.
    4. Using the 50#, 100#, or 200# coarse grit polishing pad, remove all rough scratches and cut marks. Smooth the surface as much as possible with these specific grit pads. The smoothing of the surface during this stage of polishing will determine the quality of the finish that will be achieved. After working the area, dry the surface to determine if all large scratches have been removed.
    5. Once finish removing all large scratches, the finer grit wet polishing pads can be used to achieve the quality finish. The fine grit pads contain 400#,800#,1500#,3000# and polishing buff pad.

After completing the polishing process, the following steps must be followed if a mirror finish is desired:

    1. Make a paste of cerium oxide or tin oxide using water.
    2. Apply paste to felt wheel.
    3. Run felt wheel with slight pressure against the surface to generate heat.
    4. After paste dries, polishing is complete.
    5. Wash surface with water and dry.
The surface should have a high luster or finish. If the surface appears to have small scratches, repeat step 5

Important Points During Polishing:

    1. Wet diamond polishing pads are designed to be used solely with water to minimize the wear on the pads and prevent hazardous dust.  Always wear eye protection always.
    2. Never skip grit pads if you want very quality fine and glossy finish. Taking off grit pads will result in an unsatisfactory finish to the tile.
    3. Wet polishing pads wear out prematurely due to overworking of the material or by not using a sufficient amount of water.
    4. Failure to spend adequate time polishing with each grit size pad will result in an unsatisfactory finish.
    5. Selection of the flexible rubber backer pad for shaping and curved work is highly recommended. Use the rigid backer pad for the straight edge and flat face material.
diamond wet polishing pads for stone

ChinShine diamond Wet Polishing Pads,

From rough grit to fine, finally polishing
Grit: 50#, 100#, 200#, 400#, 800#, 1500#, 3000#, Buff
Diameter: 3", 4", 5", 6", 7", 8" etc.
A) High gloss finishes and rapid polishing.
B) Never marks left on stone surface and never burns the surface of the stone to change the natural color
C) Bright clear light and never fade
D) Suitable for the grinding process of the curved or polygon surface
Operation speed: 600-1200rpm
Delivery Time:5-12 days

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