China floor 17" inch wool diamond sponge polishing pad in dry and wet polishing

ChinShine 17" diamond sponge polishing pad won’t leave those unwanted resin marks, it won’t lift pinhole grout and will result in a cleaner floor, ready for direct sealer application. The 17" sponge polishing pad has been designed with a rigid backing to prevent it from wearing out or getting damaged when polishing over wide construction joints, uneven surfaces, timber inlays or getting too close to the slab edge. The wool polishing pad can be used to enhance shine of densifiers.


Convenient velcro backing, installed on portable grinding machine and operated by hand.  Perfect for the cleaning,restoration and buffing of marble, granite, terrazzo, travertine and most natural stone.
China floor 17" inch wool diamond sponge polishing pad in dry and wet polishing.

For use from 800 grit, upwards
Dry application
Velcro backed
Low reverberation output (quiet)
Low machine load
Close edging capability
Designed for polising in the higher grits 800, 1,500 and 3,000


Please buy 17" diamond sponge polishing pads with a small quantity first, test the quality and our service, it will be much better for our long term cooperation. For small quantity, you don’t need to take risk in case the quality doesn’t fit your market, moreover, we offer sample discount to sincere clients for ease of use.


With years of hard study and adopting quality diamond crystal, our experienced technicians had worked out hundreds of mature formulas for all kinds of working conditions. For different materials, we have enough correspondent formulas for the tools for polishing and grinding.


ChinShine is striving to become the best cost-effective manufacturer of wool diamond sponge polishing pads.

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