Laser welded diamond blade utilizes laser weld technology to bind the segments to a steel blade core.  The laser welding process uses a high powered laser to weld diamond segments to steel components. Laser welded diamond blades serve as a cost-effective alternative for professional users who require heavy duty and regular cutting of a wide range of hard and abrasive materials.

Laser welded diamond saw blades
are designed such as general purpose concrete, reinforced concrete, green concrete, old concrete, building materials, wall cutting, asphalt, marble, granite, brick and other stones. Laser welded diamond blades are a powerful option for diamond blades with tough bonding(Safety for operator, no segments drop during cutting ), excellent stability, fast cutting and durable life. They offer an extraordinary performance on dry or wet cutting with minimal segment loss.

Segment blades that utilize laser weld technology to bind the segments to the steel core ensure operator safety and blade durability; provide the flexibility to perform dry cutting operations; and serve as a cost-effective alternative to other bonding systems. The segment design allows adequate cooling during operations to extend cutting periods in between resting intervals, which results in better overall productivity. Due to the abrasive nature of the intended applications, these diamond blades are also available with a variety of undercut protection devices to deliver lasting performance.

a. Diamond blade trouble shooting.
b. How do you select the right diamond saw blade?

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