This article from former official of German Natural Stone Association (DNV) --Walter Krug.

Subject: Where to buy diamond saw blade and diamond tools?

As everyone knows, Italian stone cutting tools and machineries are the most famous in the world, if you want to get the best quality one, those from Italy are your first choice, but the prices are the highest too. If you are distributor, or you want to get lower prices and better cost-performance, I suggest you to buy from Turkey and China. Nowadays, more and more Chinese factories are able to produce Italian quality products.

I had ever bought diamond saw blade, diamond segment, diamond wire from Korea, Italy, India, China and Turkey, here is the test result.

   Italy 16 inches diamond blade for cutting granite can get 350-400 meters, the price is around $420;
   Korea one can get 300-380  meters, the price is $280;
   China 230-350meters, the price is around $60;
   Most of the Indian diamond circular blades are from China, let’s leave it.

For cutting marble, if you pursuit high class tools only, you can buy from Italy and Korea, their marble saw blade performance very well indeed, but if you care cost-performance more, then China and Turkey is good to you.

Indian diamond wire is the cheapest one in the world, to some developed countries, the quality is unacceptable.

I always visit Italy Verona and China Xiamen stone fair every year, many powerful diamond tools manufacturers exhibit their diamond circular blades, diamond saw blades, diamond segments, diamond wires, diamond grinding wheel, diamond fickert, diamond frankfurt and other diamond grinding tools, you can find very good suppliers and manufacturer there. Finally, you’d better find these suppliers in an area where stone industry is developed, the technique and quality will be stable and mature, for example, stone tools from Italy, Turkey and China are quite good-sellers, one answer is high output of stone.

I had been to many southern cities in China like Quanzhou, Shuitou, they are near Xiamen city, their stone resource is abundant, relatively, the stone tools are well developed. Many stone tools manufacturers are big, the buildings are very nice, and equipments are advanced.

I recommend ChinShine Company in China to you because this company makes high quality diamond tools only. They provide OEM service for the diamond tools company from Italy, America, Australia, Germany and so on, they print customers’ brand and LOGO on stone cutting tools and sold world-wide.

Of course, good suppliers are all over the world, just wait for the experience from the users.

a. 2013 Italy Verona Stone Fair.
b.Diamond Blade Cutting Safty Guidelines.


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