In stone industry, the factory use diamond frankfurt(diamond brick) to grind the marble from coarse grinding to fine grinding, use dimmond polishing pads from coarse polishing to fine polishing. Different countries or area maybe use different machine and tools to grinding and polishing.

If you want to polish the marbe by yourself, diamond polishing pads are your best choice. No matter it’s your stone tabletop, kitchen counter or your living room floor, marble can be used in any places. In hotels, restaurants and offices, marble floors are also polished until they gleam. Thus, marble polishing is part of the process of cleaning and refining for marble.

Marble polishing is necessary to maintain this costly material. Although the common misconception, marble is not hard substance. You should be careful in handling it so that you can preserve its quality.

There are numbers of solutions available for the market in marble polishing. You can also get marble diamond polishing pads to fulfil the solutions that you pursuit. You want to steer away from powder based cleansers because some of these may cause more damage and be harmful to the marble than you imagin.

Noted use from coarse diamond polishing pads to fine polishing.

A damp rag will be helpful in cleaning marble on a regular base. After that, you can buff the marble dry. Sometimes, stains will develop on marble so you need to choose the right cleaner for getting this out.

A stone sealer can also be used on marble for adding protection. Besides this, if you are placing furniture on marble, it is advisable to place a rug or carpet underneath. Other than protecting the marble from scratches that the furniture may cause, carpets could also absorb any spills from falling directly on the marble.

If you notice deeper scratches and indentations on the marble, you'd better consult a professional technician to get these away. In this way, you can remedy the situation before things get worse.

Everytime you clean the marble, your intention is to restore this natural shine, not to go against it. You should be gentle when cleaning marble. Do not use any abrasive tools to cleaning materials or solutions.

a. Grinding and Abrasive Tools improvement.
b. Why shouldn’t you buy VERY cheap diamond frankfurt and polishing pads?

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