I have gotten more questions about diamond saw blades than I can count. This is my first blog of many to give the masses their answers. If you have a question, ask it. That’s what I’m here for. Since no body has formally asked me to answer their question, I’m just going to start with one of the most common things that I have to explain – How to choose the right diamond saw blade.
Let me tell you, this may seem easy but there is really a lot to choosing a diamond saw blade. When it comes to cutting thousands of feet of rocks, for example, buying the right saw blade could end up saving you thousands of dollars since these saw blades are not cheap. So here are some important questions that need to be answered when choosing the right saw blade for your project:
How hard is the material/core that is going to be cut?
What kind of saw are you using?
How much do you have to cut?
How hard is the material that you’re going to be cutting?

This is a good starting point.because if you buy a diamond saw blade to cut something other than the material it is supposed to cut you will without a doubt run into some kind of problem.
Why is it so important to get the right saw blade for the material you are cutting? Well, diamond saw blades that cut soft material have a harder bond to adhere the diamonds to the segments on the blade. Why? The reason for this is that the diamonds do not have to work as hard to cut a softer material. Diamond saw blades work by using the pieces of diamond that are embedded in the bond on the blade to do all of the cutting. As you cut, diamonds are actually doing the cutting and the bond sheds to expose the new pieces of the diamond. So a diamond saw blade with a softer bond is made to expose the diamonds in the blade more frequently which is what is needed to cut hard materials.
Now you ask: What if I cut a variety of hard and soft materials? Well if that is the case, as I am sure it is when you’re cutting core from thousands of feet below the Earth’s surface, you have two options. The first is to buy more than one type of diamond blade. This is the most desirable solution if you have large sections of either hard or soft material. But since time is money, I give you a second option. This is far from being the perfect choice, but is anything really perfect? You can buy a diamond blade made to cut whatever you expect to be cutting the most of. This is not as desirable, but sometimes sacrifices must be made.
Note: One thing that will prolong the life of your saw blade is the frequent use of a dressing stone. Dressing stones are used to re-expose the diamonds in the saw blade. I will post something about dressing stones soon so check back.
What kind of saw are you using?

This is an easy one. Basically, you want to make sure you’re purchasing a diamond blade that will work for your saw. Some things to consider are:
What type of saw are you using? Masonry, tile, hand …
What diameter of the blades will the saw accept?
What is the arbor size of the saw?
Do you need a wet or dry blade? * Note: Most diamond blades for cutting dry can be used wet, but never use a wet diamond blade to cut dry. This can lead to loss or warpage of the segment, which is not good for life of the blade of for the safety of the saw operator.
What is the maximum RPM of the saw?
When blade matches your saw’s requirements, you are free to move on to the next question…
How much do you have to cut?

This is really a question of performance versus cost. Of course, the cheapest diamond blade may appear more favorable for your budget at first glance, but be careful! Think of your entire project. If you have only a few cuts to make, then the cheaper blade (which can be hundreds of dollars less than the premium blade) is probably the best option for you. If, on the other hand, there are thousands of feet of core to cut, you may want to consider buying a premium blade. Why? The premium blade is more expensive because they have a higher concentration of diamonds. A higher concentration of diamond = longer blade life (As long as you’ve bought a blade for the material you are cutting). Thus, while the initial thought of forking over hundreds of dollars can knot your gut, stop and step back for a second. If you compare the initial cost of a premium blade verses the cost of several economy blades, you may find that you would spend a lot less money if you just buy the premium blade for the job.

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