Diamond Core drill bits are used to drill and bore holes from concrete to stone, and so on. They are a steel hollow cylinder with diamond segments which are welded on the lip of the bit.

For drilling stone and masonry, there is a stone core drill bit that are capable of drilling through concrete or other similar masonry materials, but using stone diamond core drill bit can drill a precision hole up to several inches in diameter.

For drilling cement and concrete, you have a couple of choices. There is a core bit called cement core drill bit which is used with a regular power drill. This core drill bit is extra strong to drill through the cement. There is another core bit that is often used with cement, it is called an SDS core drill bit. The SDS core bit is specially designed to be used with a drill having a slotted drive system, also known as a slotted drive shaft. This slotted drive system has an efficient variation that adds a pounding affect to the SDS bits, which differentiates them from conventional core bits. This vibration provides more power in driving the bit into the drilling objects. These hammer type drills provide much faster drilling, even through very hard concrete when using this bit.

diamond core drill bits

The best quality core drill bit is diamond core drill bit, because they are coated with fine sharp industrial diamonds or the tips are welded the diamond segments. These diamonds are incorporated into the tip and body to give the bit extra strength and drilling power. ChinShine diamond core drill bit is an efficient and powerful tool for drilling and boring holes into pretty much any kind of hard surface. These diamond core drill bits are a powerful way to drill through any material, regardless of how hard or soft it is. It truly is an "all in one" core drill bit.

Diamond core bits are easy to handle, lightweight, and are very comfortable to work with. The diamond core drill bits are safe to handle and rarely cause any injuries when operated correctly.

Since Diamond core drill bits are designed to drill into harder and tougher materials, so they are built rugged to handle the job. It is wise when choosing a core drill bit to make sure you get one that fits best the type of drilling you are wanting to accomplish. If you try to use a masonry core drill bit on steel, you won't be happy with your results. The same is true if you try to use a core bit that is designed for cutting wood to bore through masonry. If you use ChinShine diamond core drill bit for all of your drilling, you should be successful. The better quality core bit you buy the better results you will ultimately have.

Core drill bits have the capacity to drill through most anything at a very rapid pace. But make sure you follow some simple directions for more efficient drilling and for better results. When drilling into the hardest of materials to use some type of lubricant while drilling. This will increase lubrication between the diamond drill bit and the surface you are drilling. Also control the temperature of your core drill bit. As the core bit heats up, you can slow down the drilling speed, you must feed the water if it is wet diamond drill bits. This also may be an indication that you don't have enough lubrication for the drilling job.

ChinShine produces diamond core drill bits for boring and drilling reinforced concrete, granite, marble, brick, quartz, mineral ceramics, glass ceramics, and other stone.

Diamond core drill bits as a widely used diamond tool. There are numerous industries that use them in construction industry. ChinShine Diamond core drill bits are a tool that can make your drilling projects so much more simple, effective, efficient and quick.

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