Generally speaking, slow speed cutting happens when a diamond saw blade is improperly used for cutting object that is too hard to cut by the diamond segment. The hard object consumes the exposed diamond grits, but not the metal part in the diamond segment. The diamond segment consumes too slowly and no new diamond grits are exposed on the segment surface and from then on, the slow cutting of the diamond saw blade begins.

350mm diamond saw blade

The best answer is that you should choose a right diamond saw blade for cutting the hard objects. The diamond saw blade manufacturers always produce different blades to cut different materials, such as granite blade, marble blade, even different marble have different blades to cut.

If you use a general purpose diamond saw blade or the blade that you want to use it again, you had better cut soft abrasive material like masonry block or brick first until the diamonds grits are exposed for the following cut. This will allow a better, longer and faster cutting with the diamond saw blade.

If this cutting problem continues with the diamond saw blade, the temperature rises on the blade and the blade begins to shake, it will lead to loss of diamond segment, blade core breaks and dangerous conditions.

At this point it is necessary to talk with a diamond blade professional manufacturer to find more suitable blades to cut your objects.

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