Diamond saw blade is a metal bond blade with multi-layers of synthetic diamonds impregnated inside the bond matrix. The metal bond is rigidly sintered or welded on a circular steel blank. Diamond saw blade could be used for multi-purpose diamond cutting tools that are widely used for cutting a large variety of materials such as marble, granite, stone, concrete, asphalt, building materials and many other hard and abrasive materials.


Factor Laser welded Brazed Sintered Blades
Hot Pressed Cold Pressed
Wet& dry cutting Wet/dry Wet Wet/dry Wet
Binding Strength Wet **** *** *** **
Dry **** ** *** **
Cost *** **** ** *
Productivity ** * *** ****
Durability **** **** *** **
Cutting Speed **** **** **** ***
The quality and life of a diamond saw blade usually depend on purpose of use.
Professional: Quality first, it is for a large scale of use on a regular daily basis. Durability and fast cutting are both    considered, it is expensive.
Contractor or builder: Require fast cutting speed and regular use with reasonable durability.
DIY: Small job or occasional use, fast cutting with reasonable life.
Promotional: Shorter life but cutting well with coolant, low price mostly.


Factors Professional Contractor DIY Promotional
Life **** *** ** *
Cutting speed *** **** *** **
Price *** *** ** *
Cost per cut * ** *** ****
diamond saw blade

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