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An enquiry about diamond cup wheels  from Russian buyer

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are a trading company "xxxx" of hardware and fasteners located in Moscow, Russia. Currently we are going to extend our product range, that's why we are looking for suppliers of diamond cup wheels.

We would like to find out if you are able to produce the diamond cup wheel like in the attached picture with basic technical datas as in the specification.

We are interested in the lowest price which you can offer for it. Anyway we are ready to explore all cheap available options you produce.

Will you please let us have your quotation based on FOB, as well as terms and conditions of producing, payment and delivery.

Thank you in advance for your reply.

ChinShine REPLY:

Dear Mr.xxx,

Thank you for your inquiry.

We can produce various diamond cup wheels for grinding concrete and stone slabs. We need to special make the cup wheels for you if you need the cheapest ones, we suggest you buying the regular style cup wheels, what do you think of the regular style cups?

Have you ever bought the diamond cup wheels from China? We have different quality cup wheels for different market.

I will send you some pictures of our wheels in next email.

Russian Buyer REPLY:

Dear XX ChinShine Sales

Thank you so much for your prompt reply!

We would like to find out about all possible cheap diamond cup wheels you can produce. I mean eather regular style or special, it doesn't matter. Now we buy diamond cup wheels of good quality, but quite expensive. So we need to add to our product range some cheaper cup wheels.

Looking forward to pictures and prices of the regular style cup wheels you produce.

Best regards,

ChinShine REPLY:

The regular and cheap cups are,

Diamond Single Row Cup Wheels: $XXX per piece
Diamond Double Row Cup Wheels: $XXX  per piece
Diamond Turbo Cup Wheels: $XXX  per piece

1. If you think our prices are still higher than your expect, please let us know, our engineers suggest these cups and prices so far.
2. The minimum order quantity is 1000 pcs per style.
3. Packing: White paper box every piece.
4. The prices don't include shipping cost, EXW factory basis.

Please check attached images of diamond grinding tools, which we made before.

By the way, you can also consider our good quality diamond cup wheels, we export to Europe countries large quantity every month.

Russian Buyer REPLY:

Thank you so much for the detailed information!

Could you please explain "low quality", "medium quality" and "top quality"? You see, our clients want to buy very cheap diamond cup wheels, we just want to understand what quality we can offer them for 3.00 - 4.00 USD? As for the grit, is it 10-12 US mesh? or any other classification?

Regarding our specification: grit, type of welding and type of producing are the same as your regular cups?

ChinShine REPLY:

The normal diamond grits contain:

30/35/40/45/50/60, these are the popular grits.

Our measurement of "grit" is the impact resistance of every diamond grit.
In Russian market, many people use 8 gj, but 10-12 gj are better quality.

If the cup price is 3.00-4.00 USD, then the diamond grit is below 4 gj, we can not even judge the price by grit among these cups.
We don't produce such a low quality, it may affect our reputation because this kind of diamond cup wheel is not wearable and sharp.

We offer you diamond grit a bit lower while the welding and type of producing is same with regular cups. Most of our cup wheels are 8-12 gj, more people choose such quality.

We suggest you order some sample to test, and we make some pieces of cup wheel whose price is below 5.00 USD
for you to test and compare, what is your idea? Only after your customers test and compare price, our cooperation
can last long.

Russian market is big, we are willing to assist you to expand your market share.

Russian Buyer REPLY:

I'm very grateful to your explanation!

So, as far as I could understand the grit of the diamond as well as the bond influence the surface area of grinding? Will you also advise us the bond type: Hard / Medium / Soft. And the surface area of grinding in square meters? As for the type of welding you wrote "cold press and sinter". Could you describe the processs of this sintering?

The idea of samples is just wonderful! If you could send us some samples of different quality cups we could give them to our clients for testing and if they find the quality satisfactory we will buy them.

Have a nice day!

ChinShine REPLY:

The elements which affect the surface area of grinding are the quality of diamond, its concentration and formula.

The grit I am talking about is regular grit (such as #30/35/40/45/50/60), the diamond size is selected according to coarse grinding or fine grinding. For coarse grinding, you should choose small grit size and for find grinding, you should choose big grit size. Mostly we make with grit 30/40.

The hardness of bond is decided according to the hardness of concrete, usually we make it medium hard. If you need hard bond either soft bond, just tell us, we can make it according to your requirement.

Regarding the surface area of grinding in square meters, if somebody tell you an accurate number, it must be wrong, he must be unprofessional. Diamond Cup wheel is not like diamond saw blade. Every user has different requirement during grinding, some are already satisfied with the result after 1 time grinding while other may ask 2 times grinding. Besides, the hardness and coarseness of concrete also affect the life of cups. The machine speed and pressure will affect the life and grinding area too.

The process is mixing the diamond and metal powder proportionally first, put the mixture in the mould and sinter, after cooling down, it becomes finished product.

At last, how many pieces of sample do you need?

Russian Buyer REPLY:

You describe the process of sintering segments, don't you? And we are interested in the process of welding diamond segments to the cup body. How does that happen?  

Or you mean that diamond+bond are put on the cup body in the mold and they together sinter in the furnace under the big temperature?

As for the samples what type of diamond cup wheels could you send? The thing is that we are also working on the reducing of cup's weght. May be you can suggest something lighter? I think 10 to 20 pieces of different types is enough.

I'm also thankful for more details of our diamond cup wheel.  

I hope you are not very tired of my questions)))

ChinShine REPLY:

Yes, diamond+bond are put on the cup body in the mold and they together sinter in the furnace under the big temperature.

We can make 3 regular cups as samples(you can ask your customer which kinds he likes to test).

We are glad to answer you any questions.


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