Are you looking for good quality diamond cutting disc for marble cutting purposes? Our top standard vacuum brazed diamond cutting disc can be best alternative instead of regular diamond saw blade for you.  ChinShine vacuum brazed diamond cutting discs are exported to Europe, America and other Middle Eastern countries in a high amount. One of the most interesting facts about our vacuum brazed blades are they can cut any variety of stone like granite, marble, standstone and slate, asphalt, ceramic tiles, glass, concrete, and other construction materials. The most advantage is sharpness and long life.

However, our vacuum brazed diamond cutting disc includes several grits: they are 46#,60#,80#,100#,120#,150#,180#,240#,280#,320#,400#,600#. You can choose which grits do you need, or tell us what are your cutting materials; we will suggest the proper grits to you.  Among all our high standard cutting tools, vacuum brazed diamond cutting disc has excellent sharpness, which lets our diamond cutting disc generate minimal heat during the cutting process, especially for cutting marble.

Sharp vacuum brazed diamond cutting disc

ChinShine vacuum brazed diamond cutting discs are the best disc for cutting marble and are suitable for cutting in dry condition and fast; it’s due to reason that this disc has high concentration of diamonds; which are bonded on diamond segment’s surface by nickel alloy and the diamond materials sticking out the bond. However, the nickel bond electroplated diamond cutting disc is the perfect option for the beginning of the cutting operation. These cutting discs can be used for cutting of handful abrasive and hard materials like marble, ceramic tile, glass, concrete board, GRP, thermosetting plastics, granite, graphite, electro carbons, pc boards and many more construction materials.

vacuum brazed diamond cutting disc 

Important Facts about Vacuum Brazed Diamond Cutting Disc

  • The main feature of vacuum brazed diamond cutting disc from Chinshine Diamond Tools is that they are flexible in nature so that they can be perfect for almost any diamond coating designs and specifications.
  • If you will use our continuous rim diamond cutting disc, then you will able to get smooth cutting while using it for glass, plastic board, ceramic tile and acrylic boards.
  • A segmented rim diamond cutting disc can be the suitable alternative for cutting concrete board, marble, granite and other stone materials, where chipping and breaking of edge are not essential.
Nowadays, more marble factories are using vacuum brazed and electroplated diamond cutting disc; because it has inherent sharpness in order to offer the best cutting and won’t break the edge and the quality of cutting will be much better than sintered small diamond saw blade.

If you want to buy our superb quality vacuum brazed diamond cutting discs, then reach Chinshine Diamond Tools at +86-59251-17207 or
email us today!

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