Blade Diameter Recommended RPM Maximum RPM Blade Diameter Recommended RPM Maximum RPM
4" (105mm) 9,075 15,000 20" (500mm) 1,815 3,055
5" (125mm) 7,260 12,000 22" (550mm) 1,650 2,780
6" (150mm) 6,050 10,185 24" (600mm) 1,515 2,550
8" (200mm) 5,185 8,730 26" (650mm) 1,400 2,350
9" (230mm) 4,540 7,640 28" (700mm) 1,300 2,185
10" (250mm) 3,630 6,115 30" (750mm) 1,210 2,040
12" (300mm) 3,025 5,095 32" (800mm) 1,135 1,910
14" (350mm) 2,270 3,820 36" (900mm) 1,010 1,700
16" (400mm) 2,270 3,820 42" (1000mm) 865 1,455
18" (450mm) 2,020 3,395 48" (1200mm) 760 1,275
For more sizes of Recommended RPM, please send inquiry to ChinShine Engineers:

* For concrete and masonry products, the optimum speed range for recommended RPM is +/-10% (based on 9,500 SFPM-Surface Feet Per Minute) of the speed shown in the chart.
* For hard and dense materials ( stone, hard title, etc.), the optimum speed range for recommended RPM is 10% to 25% less than the speed shown in the chart.
* The diamond saw blade shaft speeds (RPM’s at no load ) for most tools will be higher than the recommended RPM’s listed in the chart. The actual diamond saw blade shaft speed of the tool will show down under load, and should fall within the optimum speed range.
* The operator should always make sure that the diamond saw blade shaft speed of the tool is within the maximum safe limit of the blade before mounting any blade.

the rpm of diamond saw blade

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