Electroplated Diamond Tools

The electroplating process embeds the diamonds in a layer of nickel-based plating materials, metal coating electroplated onto a steel blade blank base can be made to be very thin. This process typically requires the tool blank to be inserted into a bed of loose diamonds in a plating tank while an electrical circuit is established within the fluid of the tank to electrically deposits the plating material onto the tool blank. This process bonds the diamonds to the tool blank and provides a more uniform coating of diamonds.

Electroplated Diamond Saw Blade

Brazed Diamond Tools

The diamond segments in brazed diamond tools are physically bonded to the tool blank. This is accomplished with a layer of special brazing metal that is adhered to both the tool blank and the diamond segments with intense heat. Such sliver welded, laser weled diamond tools.

brazed diamond saw blade for marble

Sintered Diamond Tools

Sintered metal-bonded diamond tools are the most common amond the diamond saw blades. These diamond saw blades consist of a steel blank and diamond segments, which are made by combining synthetic diamonds with metal powder and then sintering them together. The diamond segments are also known as the "cutting teeth" of the saw blade.

The diameter of wholly sintered diamond blades is not very large, normally not more than 400 millimetres /16inch, because it is participating in the sintering process, the steel blade blank can't be quenched, so the hardness and strength of the blade blank are not very high. This means that these types of diamond saw blade may deform in high-load and high-intensity cutting processes and can exhibit low cutting efficiency.

sintered diamond saw blade

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