The best method to cut ceramic tile is with a wet saw and install a ceramic tile saw blade, but not all people own those specialty cutting tools. For the most people, how to cut the ceramic tile easily? People can cut ceramic tile with a ordinary angle grinder and with the professional ceramic saw blade.

Here are introduce how to cut ceramic tile with a angle grinder and diamond saw blade,

1. Select the correct ceramic tile saw blade, the best blade for cutting ceramic tile or porcelain tile is the mesh shape blade, and thin body. The ceramic tile saw blade manufacturer must be able to make several styles of diamond saw blades for the ceramic tile, like fish hook blade(the diameter from 250mm to 500mm mostly), turbo saw blade, mesh diamond saw blade, you can choose similar to following mesh ceramic tile saw blade,

ceramic tile saw blade

2. The safety equipment is necessary to operate the angle ginder. While a dust mask is sufficient for the dust, you need to wear ear plugs as well as work gloves and safety glasses. Also wear a long-sleeved shirt , it can avoid getting cut by flying fragments of ceramic and dirty that chip off during the cutting. Hold the angle grinder firmly with both hands as you cut the pieces of ceramic tile and clamp them to a cutting surface for best results.  Also ensure the ceramic tile saw blade guard is in the proper position to deflect chips away from you.

3. Covering the edge where you are going to cut the ceramic tile with the grinder is a good trick to keep the edge of the ceramic glazing from dropping down due to the ceramic saw blade movement. The best method is to draw your marker lines, place tape on and then trace the lines through the top of the tape and then add additional layers to it.

4.The angle grinder and ceramic saw blade excel at helping make angle cuts against a tile wet saw, which is designed for straight cutting. Cut directly down into the surface of the ceramic tile, making gentle passes across the lines on ceramic tile while holding the saw blade of the grinder vertically against the tile and along the mark. You can also hold the ceramic tile saw blade against an edge horizontally, flush with the face of the ceramic tile, working the edge of the ceramic tile saw blade of grinder down into the tile slowly to make precise, rounded edges for drains, working your way around slowly as you cut away little bits rather than cut down into the tile. Straight cuts are made by pushing the ceramic saw blade into the tile vertically and cutting through the tile along the marks.

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