Core Barrel Cracking(diamond core drill body)
First, you had better use the name brand diamond core drill bits, the famous diamond core drill bits always use good quality diamond core barrel.Exclude all possibility of the core barrel quality.
Check if there is too much feed pressure during coring.
Remedy: Back off diamond core drill bit on pressure during cutting.

Second, Diamond core bit segments are too hard for material being coring.
Remedy: Choose the right diamond core drill bit with softer segment, you can also consider the Arix segments.

Diamond Core Bit Segment Cracks or Drop Down
Diamond core bit segment is too hard for material being drilled.
Remedy: Use softer core bit segment if possible, lower motor RPM. Arix or turbo diamond segment are also good choice.

Core Drill Machine setup is not rigid.
Remedy: Tighten anchor, check vacuum system.

Diamond core bit segment might not have been brazed or laser welded on properly.
Remedy: check or buy new diamond core drill bits, laser welding is the best welding method.

Jamming of Diamond Core Drill Bit
Loose drilling machine.
Remedy: Secure the drilling machine firmly.

Broken concrete, reinforcing steel in the hole.
Remedy: choose new area of concrete for coring

Lack of water.
Remedy: Supply sufficient water and work the core free without force.

Loss of side clearance of core bit segment.
Remedy: Check the side clearance of the segment.

It is possible that diamond core bit segments were improperly fixed to the barrel of the core bit. All diamond core bits are either brazed or laser welded. If this is the case, the surface of the core bit barrel and broken segment will look and feel smooth where they broke apart. A defective bit will likely break within the first hole.

These tips are not a comprehensive guide to core drilling. Feel free to contacts if you are still having troubles. Choose the name brand diamond core drill bits from ChinShine!

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why diamond core drill bit and segments broken and crack

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