My name is Ryan and I am the Manager of Tech Diamond Tools based in Sydney, Australia. We currently distribute diamond blades and diamond core bits mainly in Sydney but all around Australia. We are looking to expand our range of products and I got your contact details at World of Concrete trade show. We currently have $3 million sales per year AUD and are looking to grow with the best diamond blade and diamond core drill bits on the market which I hope you can help me with.  
Can I please ask for some pricing to be sent to me? Can you please make all pricing FOB as I will organize all transport. First, I need 16 inch diamond blade for reinforced concrete, diamond core drill bits. Can you please include the cost of certificate of origin in the cost. 
I am looking for the 16 Arix diamond blade that can compete with the quality of shinhan arix and hope you can help me with this. 
I would also like to buy diamond core drill bits and other concrete diamond blade as sample products please. Can I please organize a 16 diamond blade for a demolition saw husqvarna k970, 415mm (16 inch) diameter with a 1 inch hole in the middle for cutting concrete with laser weld, it is cutting hard concrete with heavy reinforcement steel, I need the best quality. 
I would also like to try a 5 inch or 125mm diamond core bit for concrete with heavy steel reinforcement, best quality again. Can you please send me some payment details with all details for shipping. I am highly focused on quality with fast cutting and long life. The cost of the product does not matter to me, I am happy to pay a fair price but I need a very high quality product. 
If you have any questions or would like to discuss please let me know. I am happy to chat over skype, wechat, whatsapp, or email. 
I am very interested in your product and would like to do some business together. 
Dear Ryan,
Thanks for your inquiry! We export lots of concrete diamond blades and diamond core bits to the whole Australia, the main client is in Victoria who purchases and resells laser welded 16 diamond blades and core drill bits for concrete. They purchases every month and delivers by sea. 
Usually we quote EXW basis prices and list other cost aside, other cost remain the same usually even if the quantity of order changes. The nearest sea port from our factory is Xiamen port.
Our Victoria client repeats ordering arix diamond core bits and diamond blade for concrete often. I think our quality has been recognized in Australia. We can provide Certificate of Origin if you need it for customs clearance.
From our experience, Australian market demands sharp diamond blades, mostly we export 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch and 24 inch diamond blades to Australia. Among the blades, Arix diamond blade and turbo blade are the most popular items, the segment height is 12mm. Regarding diamond core drill bits, we export all diameter, especially 102, 107, 115, 127, 152 and 159, the segment shapes are Arix and turbo mostly, length 450mm, connector UNC 1-1/4.
We are glad that you would like to test quality, this is the first step to a successful mutual cooperation, thanks! We have been exporting to Australia for 10 years. Please raise your questions and I am here to answer, thank you. 

diamond core drill bits

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