Granite saw blades and marble saw blades are used for cutting natural stone, both of them are diamond circular saw blades, but why one diamond blade is used for cutting granite and the other one for marble cutting? What is the difference between the two kinds of saw blade? ChinShine experts will explain the technology for you.
First of all, we need to understand these two types of stone. Both granite and marble are commonly used stone in construction. As far as the hardness of the stone, the texture of granite is harder than marble, mostly grey or white, the texture is spotty, because it is more resistant to weathering and sunlight, and it is easy to maintain. So granite products are used in these area,outdoor ground(flag stone, paving stone, granite tile) and wall surfaces(mush room stone, wall tiles). Marble is  soft stone, which belongs to metamorphic rock. Although the structure is fine and solid, the maintenance requirements are higher, coupled with its unique colorful patterns, so it is generally placed indoors, which looks more gorgeous.
granite diamond saw blade
Granite Diamond saw blade

Therefore, these two types of stone have different processing requirements. Compared with granite, marble saw blade requires higher cutting precision and smooth. In addition, what are the differences between granite saw blades and marble saw blades?
        1. Different diamond blade formulas: granite saw blades have higher requirements for sharpness, marble diamond segment contain more copper, granite diamond segment contain more iron.
        2. The color of the diamond segments is different: the marble segment is generally yellowish and belongs to the copper grade, while the granite segment is mostly silver-gray and belongs to the iron grade.
        3. Different slot: marble saw blades are mostly U-slots or hook grooves, while granite saw blades are key or u slot.
        4. The size and hardness of diamond segment: the hardness of the granite diamond segment is harder than marble segment, while the thickness of the marble saw blade is thinner than granite saw blade.
        5. Price: the price of marble is slightly more expensive than granite saw blade.
        6. The texture of the segments(cutting surface): the texture of the granite segments is mostly spotted, while the marble segment has rich colors, fine texture and colorful patterns.
        7. Welding seam: The welding seam between the blank blades and the segments is also different.
What is the difference between granite saw blade and a marble saw blade? For different types of marble, ChinShine engineers have developed a series of diamond saw blades. For different hardness of marble, different market needs, the cutting effect is excellen; for granite, more than 100 different specifications of diamond blades have been developed, adapt to different requirements. No matter what kind of stone, you can find the corresponding diamond saw blade in ChinShine.
marble saw blade
Marble saw blade
Whether it is granite saw blade or marble saw blade, you must choose a professional diamond saw blade factory, and do not hold the mentality of taking advantage of the small price, to avoid the phenomenon of chipping, falling diamond segments, even leaving scratch during the cutting process. If you have any other questions, please contact us, we will be happy to solve it for you and reply within 24 hours.

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