Reasons for imbalance:

The diamond grinding wheel is an uneven object. During operation, the vibration caused by the center of mass does not coincide with the center of the rotating shaft, causing the problem of imbalance of the diamond grinding wheel.
Analysis of imbalance:
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The diamond grinding wheel is divided into equal parts by the plane of the vertical axis. The center of gravity of two parts. Depending on the location of the center of gravity, there are several types of imbalances:
Static imbalance:
The center of gravity A1 and A2 are on the same plane as the center of rotation, on the side of the center line. In the static unbalance test, the heavy side stays at the bottom.
Dynamic imbalance:
The centers of gravity A1 and A2 are on the same plane as the center of rotation, and are symmetrically distributed on both sides of the center line. Therefore, the total center of gravity of the diamond grinding wheel is still on the center of rotation, so it is statically balanced, but a couple of forces (caused by centrifugal force) will be generated when rotating, and the couple of forces are only generated when rotating, so it is called dynamic unbalance.
Comprehensive imbalance:
The center of gravity A1 and A2 are located on different planes, and there are static and dynamic imbalances. This is the case with actual diamond grinding wheels.
Both A1 and A2 are located on the center line of rotation, and there is no static or dynamic imbalance. This is an ideal state.
Harm of imbalance:
It will affect the strength of the diamond grinding wheel shaft and increase the fatigue stress.
Abnormal wear of the bearing.
The diamond grinding wheel vibrates and the machining accuracy is reduced.
The force of the diamond grinding wheel increases, and the diamond grinding wheel is easily broken.
Abnormal and uneven wear.
Factors that cause diamond grinding wheel imbalance:
Inherent mass uniformity (uneven density)
(1). Mixed, uneven molding compound
(2). Uneven firing conditions, inconsistent shrinkage, inconsistent response, resulting in uneven density.
(3). There are geometric deviations during molding, causing uneven pressure everywhere. After trimming the shape, although the geometric accuracy is achieved, the density is still uneven.
Geometric accuracy (shape and position deviation)
(1) The two ends are not parallel.
(2) The inner and outer diameters of the diamond grinding wheel are eccentric.
Therefore, in the actual use of the diamond grinding wheel, it is very important to adjust the balance of the diamond grinding wheel. The first issue is to choose a supplier of high-quality diamond grinding wheels to ensure the stability of the quality of the diamond grinding wheel.

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