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ChinShine provides the best quality core bit segment magnet holder for retipping on barrels. The core bit retipping magnet holder is made of strong 
N35EH neodymium magnet with not only strong magnetism but also high resistance for heating. In the meanwhile, the core bit segment magnet holder are perfect to position the drilling core drill segment in precise side clearance. The inner side clearance can be adjusted when you put the magnet holder in its a, b, c, d position.

 Diamond Core Drill Bit Welding Magnet
 Four different standard side clearances to choose: 
a. position side clearance: 0.50mm    b. position side clearance: 0.75mm
c. position side clearance: 1.00mm    d. position side clearance: 1.25mm
When retipping the segment, normally the rule is:
Inner side clearance = (Segment thickness- steel core thickness)x0.4
Outer side clearance = (Segment thickness- steel core thickness)x0.6
 core bit segment retipping magnet on barrels
The tips of using the core bit segment magnet holder to retip segment on core drill bit:
- Please choose the reasonable side clearance according to thickness of diamond segment and steel core drill.
- Please make sure the magnet holder is clean without other objects.
- Please make sure the magnet holder is well fixed when welding.
- The welding temperature should be under 1000℃.
- Don’t touch the magnet holder directly by your body after welding, but use tweezers or pliers to avoid scalds.
- Before cooling by water, please cool the magnet on stone or metal surface for one minute to prolong its working life.   
How to maintain the core bit magnet holder after retipping:
- Dry the magnet after use, it is better dry it by air.
- Store the magnet holder in a dry ventilated place.
- Replace the magnet holder in time if it is damaged or loses magnetism significantly.     

Welcome to buy core bit segment magnet holder and diamond core drill segments from the Chinese professional manufacturer for sale, ChinShine -your best choice!
magnetic holder for retipping core bit

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