Diamond profiling wheels, some people also call it diamond router bit. ChinShine makes a serious of diamond profile grinding wheels for granite, quartz, marble and other slabs edge processing.

China diamond profile grinding wheel and router bit for sale
Diamond profiling wheels are one of the most essential tools for both dry and wet profiling. These can be used to create the very perfect eased edge, demi bullnose, dupont, cove, double ease edge, roundovers, bevel, full bullnose edges (bullnose profile wheel) and ogee on different stone materials.  Please see the following drawing of edge processing,

For instance, you can use them on engineered or natural stones, granite, ceramic, as well as marble tiles (marble stone profile grinding wheels) . These give a great cutting effect and is known to have extended working life. Diamond wheels are one of the most popular stone profile grinding wheels available on the market.
There are 3 kinds of diamond profile grinding wheel, sintering diamond profile wheel, vacuum brazing diamond profile wheel and resin diamond profile wheel.
When buy diamond profile grinding wheel, please tell us,
1.       What is the shape of edge will be processed? You can check the shape on above drawing.
2.       What is the grits of grinding wheels do you need?
3.       What is the diameter and height of grinding wheel do you need?
4.       What is the arbor of diamond profiling wheel do you need?
diamond profilling grinding wheel and router bit edge processing shape

Diamond profiling wheels are available in numerous features depending on various requirements across industry verticals and horizontals. They are often in cylindrical shape with slight alterations made to meet specific industrial requirements. Some of the diamond profiling wheel have a 5/8-11 or M14 thread and this makes them compatible with different grinders as well as polishers. A cooling mechanism also exists in granite profile bits wheel as an internal water feed exists to cool down tool and stone. We can choose the wheels that are up to 500 mm in diameter and can be used to efficiently work on various stones, including complex detailing.
The diamond hand profiler profiling wheels are available from the best suppliers on the market and come with the best Vacuum Brazed technology, which accounts for their longevity. These stone diamond profile grinding wheels are immensely useful to reduce labor costs and create the best results. These can be used for efficient cuts and avoiding chipping of the stones at places. Use the right variant of hand profiles for quartz, marble stones, ceramic tiles or for granite countertops.

Welcome to buy diamond grinding profile wheels and diamond router bit from ChinShine for sale, quality guarantee from China famous supplier!

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