The arix diamond saw blade is the best quality among the diamond blades for granite, which is specially designed for fast cutting hard granite tiles(granite slabs). Arix diamond saw blades for cutting granite and hard stone are designed to provide most fast with smooth cutting. 
If you are looking for a sharp and best diamond saw balde for granite, quartz, diabase or similar hard stone, ChinShine arix diamond saw blade is your best Choice. No matter the sharpness and quality, but also the competitive price. More and more European and American people use ChinShine Arix diamond saw blade.
best arix diamond saw blade for granite
The advantages of Arix diamond blade:
Increase cutting speed by 30% to 50%
Increase wider range of application
Reduce labour cost
Reduce noise by 20% to 50%
Reduce power consumption
Diameter: 16inch/400mm, any other diameters of arix blades are available.
Segment Height: 20mm
Segment Type: Arix segmented
Cutting Object: Hard Granite, Quartz, Basalt, Diabase and hard natural stone.
Weld: High frequency, Silver Brazed
Silent Core: Yes
OEM Custom Made: YES
arix diamond blade

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