Product Similar Name: 64" Diamond Segment, 1600 Marble Diamond Segments, 1.6 meter marbe Segments, 1600mm Diamond Segment for Marble

Segment Size: 24x8.4/9.0x12 mm
Segment Type: trapezia shape
Segment Quantity: 108 pcs per set
Saw Blade Diameter: 64 inch , 1600mm, 1.6 meter
Cutting Object: marble
Bond: soft to hard according to different cutting material
Custom Made: YES
Packing: hard paper case and wooden box

This kind marble segment is used in multi-blades mostly. We accept custom made order according to your needs, the segment height could be in size 12mm, 13mm, 15mm and 20mm. The advantage of segment is smooth cutting, easy brazing, no chip, fast cutting speed and long lifespan

1600mm marble segment, 64 diamond segment

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