As a widespread used stone cutting tool made of diamond and metal powder, diamond segments play an important role in the field of cutting granite, marble, concrete, asphalt and porcelain. Good quality diamond segments ensure smooth cutting and expected yield. Therefore, having good understanding of the feature of good diamond segment for granite is very important. The following are some parameters for judging good quality diamond segment for granite.

1) Grit of diamond segment for granite

In general,diamond powder grit 30/35~60/80 is common used for granite diamond segments. The bigger the diamond grit is, the sharper the diamond segment is, the faster the cutting speed is. In addition, to guarantee the cutting efficiency, big grit like 30/40 is recommended to used for big size diamond segments for big diameter diamond saw blades.

2) Concentration of diamond grit on segment

Concentration refers to the quantity of diamond powder in every diamond segment for granite. If a diamond segment contains 4.4 carats of diamond powder every cubic centimeters, we define the diamond segment of concentration 100%; if a diamond segment contain 3.3 carats of diamond powder every cubic centimeter, we define the diamond segment concentration 75%.
The total concentration indicates the quantity of diamond powder in the whole diamond segment for granite. When quantity of diamond powder hits 1/4 in the whole diamond segment,we judge the volume concentration 100%. Increasing diamond concentration can help extending the life of diamond segments because average impact force for every diamond is reduced. With the reducing of impact force for every diamond grit, the diamond don't drop off easily, and the life is extended.
3) Effect
Force effect, the granite diamond segment is subjected to axial force and tangential force. Due to these factors, the diamond segment for granite go wavy in axial direction and show diamond saw blade shape in radial direction. Both deformation will lead to uneven cutting surface and unstraight of granite, waste of granite, heavy noise and great vibration of diamond segment, then we will notice early damage of diamond segment after short time cutting, it is short lifespan.

4) Hardness of the diamond segment

In general, the harder the metal bond is, the stronger its anti-wear capability is, the stronger the hold of diamond grit is, the lifespan of diamond is extended in this way too. Hard metal bond is recommended if the cutting object is soft; soft bond is recommended if the stone is hard; bond of medium hardness is recommended when cutting high abrasiveness and hardness stone.
Temperature influence, the influence of temperature on diamond segments is always presented in two aspects: 
1st,creat graphitization of diamond powder in the diamond segment;
2nd,creat the premature detachment of diamond powder as a result of the thermal stress of diamond powder and metal bond. New research indicates that the heat generated during the cutting process is mainly conveyed to the diamond segments.
diamond segment for granite

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