A diamond blade is circular saw blade with diamonds fixed on its edge for cutting hard and abrasive materials ,it takes advantage of the hardness of diamonds by using tiny pieces of diamond and powder metal to enhance the blade's cutting abilities.

The diamond blade includes a steel core and its edge is welded diamond segment. This type of blade could be used on construction projects, stone factory, quarry and other hard materials cutting.

According to the different shapes on the edge of blade, diamond blade could be divided into electroplated diamond saw blade, segmented diamond saw blade, continuous rim diamond cutting blade, and turbo diamond blade. The blade core is a precision-made steel disc and may have a continuous or slotted rim. The diamond segment or rim is slightly wider than the blade core to protect the blank saw blade.

Diamond blades are used for cutting granite, marble, andesite, sandstone, basalt, limestone, brick, cinder blocks, concrete, asphalt, slate, fireproof board and other hard materials.

Diamond blade works condition? Dry or wet cutting?

Diamond saw blades work best during cutting wet. When diamond blades are used, water is normally helpful to prevent overheating, to reduce the dust that is produced and to help remove slurry from the area that is being cut. Water can also extend the life of the blade. The dust that is created from using diamond blades poses a risk of the serious lung disease called silicosis, so operators usually wear respirator masks when cutting with a diamond blade without water.

However, many diamond blades are designed to operate either wet or dry. Dry diamond blade needs to be limited to situations where water isn't available easily or used in electrical saws machine.
When performing dry cutting, the blade should be allowed to cool-down periodically. Cooling may be increased by allowing the blade to spin freely out of the cut. Cut by doing this way for some minutes, you then should start to see the cutting surface find some shape back, this causes the bond to wear away and expose the diamonds which do all the cutting This allows cool air to pass between the segments.

Diamond blade cutting is dangerous for persons not familiar with the potential risks and process.

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What Is a Diamond Blade?


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