what is a diamond blade

In construction work a variety of diamond tools may be used; circular diamond blades, drills, surface
grinding wheels and cutting wires. Each tool is different and has its own special application; the method
of working varies from one to another, but the basic principles remain the same.
For the sake of simplicity, we shall refer mainly to diamond-tipped circular saw blades.

A diamond blade is composed of two basic elements: the circular sheet steel and the diamond-impregnated segment. The latter may have three different forms: a segmented rim, a continuous rim or a castellated rim.

The metal centre of the segmented diamond saw blade is produced from very high quality quenched,
drawn steel, with the segments separated by slots. These slots assist in cooling the blade during sawing
by allowing water (wet cutting) or air (dry cutting) to flow between the segments. They also permit a
certain amount of elasticity in the blade during sawing.

Most of the steel sheet is mill-tensioned so that the blade rotates vertically straight whilst allowing it a
certain elasticity.

The segments or diamond-impregnated rims are a mixture of diamond grains and powdered metal. The
diamonds used in the manufacture of the saw blades are almost exclusively industrial diamonds of
different sizes and qualities depending on the material to be cut. During the manufacturing process the
metallic powder and diamond grain mixture is compressed at very high temperature to obtain a solid
metal alloy (called the bond or matrix) which retains the diamond grain.

The segment or rim is slightly wider than the steel centre of the blade. This clearance enables the
leading edge to penetrate the material without engaging the steel.

Various processed are used for fixing the segments or rims firmly to the steel:

1. Brazing: silver brazing solder is placed between the segment and the steel. The solder melts
at high temperature and binds the two elements together. The same applies to drill bits and
surface-grinding wheels.

2. Laser Welding: laser microfusion enables the segment to be welded to the steel, to the drill-bit
or to the body of the grinding wheel. The laser welded bond is so powerful that it enables the
tool to be used for dry cutting.

3. Sintering: some metal bonding materials may be fixed to steel core by sintering. The forces of
cohesion are so powerful that they bond the continuous rim to the steel.


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