The global granite has become synonymous with the idea of a hard, durable and long-lasting material. Unlike metals and artifical materials, granite keep its struction and characteristic for over several hundred years, like world famous view the pyramids in Egypt and parts of the Great Wall of China. This kind of granite structures were built more than 1000 years ago. The durability of an ordinary granite's surface is between 100 and 500 years, but granite does not become completely weathered until at least 800 years. Even after weathering begins, granite structures like the ancient monument stand strong and keep its characteristic. This is the reason why granite is often used to make tombstones.
For cutting granite, diamond saw blade is the best choice. Granite diamond saw blade is made from metal bonded diamond segments and weld them to the blade blank.
In order to increase the blade's cutting power, diamond segments/diamond tips are welded to the blade blank. Generally speaking, high speed cutting results in fewer chips, but the slots between segments can sometimes lead to the chipping of granite or of the diamond saw blade itself. If chipping is a problem, a continuous rim diamond saw blade is better choice. But overall, when evaluating a cutting edge, you will find that diamond segment is designed for granite cutting.
In order to cut granite better, select a diamond saw blade is important, the granite saw blade must be accurate, durable, and possess a highly reliable cutting power. A saw that looses power, even for just a few minutes, is totally useless.

granite diamond saw blade
The mechanism for diamond cutting tool "wear" is quite complicated. Good quality diamond cutting tools and diamond saw blades have chips comprised of three vertical parts. The center of the chip is commonly designed to wear a bit faster than the lateral components. This prevents the head of the cutting chip from becoming rounded with wear. A round peak on the cutting tool is undesirable because rounded diamond segments can slip on the granite's surface, negatively affecting your ability to cut along straight lines.
The basic rules for the durability and longevity of a granite diamond saw blade are as follows. As the diamond saw blade cuts through the granite, the granite is simultaneously cutting away at the blade. Thus, the diamond tool's cutting power and its longevity are inversely proportional. In other words, if you want to increase the life of the granite saw blade, you need to sacrifice a little of its cutting power, and if you want to increase the cutting power, the diamond saw blade life will become shorter, but higher speed and sharper.
Granite diamond saw blade is the most advantaged product in our company. We provide guarantee for the quality of our granite saw blades. According to different hardness of granite in different countries and regions, we can design different granite diamond blades for the users, it is totally customer-made.
Our granite saw blades sizes from 300mm to 3500mm which is mainly applied to cutting granite of different hardness, there is high frequency welded and laser welded available. With correct cutting depth and speed of saw machine, ChinShine granite diamond blades can offer a smooth cut with a fast cutting speed, compared to other blades, they are durable and have a long blade life. The blades could be installed on large/medium cutting machine and bridge cutting machine. These diamond blades are much in demand in Middle-east, Europe and America. The quality is divided into different classes by the stone feature and area throughout the world.

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