ChinShine Resin filled diamond grinding cup wheel is designed for smooth and 100% chip free grinding. It is much faster and safer alternative for using grinding granite, marble,quartz and natural stones. The resin design coupled with aggressive diamond composition allows for super fast, smooth grinding. This 100 mm resin filled diamond grinding wheel is perfect for light weight grinding and shaping
The face of the resin filled diamond grinding cup wheel has a beveled edge to allow the grinder machine to move easily along the surface and prevents the leading edge from digging into the stone. Our resin filled cup wheel bodies are balanced to minimize vibration.
Applicationn machine: Handheld Angle Grinder, Electric grinding machine, Pneumatic grinding machines,Continous grinding machines.
Longer working life and high efficiency;
Coarse, Medium and Fine grits are available;
Well balanced for minimal vibration;
5/8-11 and M14 thread suitable for most grinders/polishers;
Wet use is recommended;
Maximum speed is 13,000 RPM.
resin filled diamond cup wheels
100mm resin diamond cup wheel
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